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Daniel Agger Invested In Tattoos And Sewers Painkillers Ended Their Career Too Early

The former Danish defender Agger had to retire at the age of 31 due to an overload of anti-inflammatory drugs. The retirement of Daniel Agger is much like his career – blends of dirty works and artistry. After his early retirement in 2016, at the age of 31, the former Liverpool man decided to spend money on his passion and necessity: tattoos and poop.

The Danish defender trained to be a tattoo partner and now he is the part of the largest parlor around the world, called Tattoodo. But for Agger, it was not because he had more money to invest in s ***. Now 33, Agger launched a company called KloAgger in 2013, putting £ 450,000 into a company that manages sewage systems in Denmark.

So how did they come up with the name? KloAgger translates into ‘Agger toilet’. Agger is regularly involved in the company, but his younger brother Marco and their friend, Rune Rasmussen, monitor it daily. Inked-up Agger is more interested in tats.

He started and finished his career at the Danish club Brondby, and it was like a 15-year-old youth player that he got his first job. “I was around 15 and on a school trip to Paris,” said Agger in an interview on Tattoodo’s website. “It was not something I had thought of before. I and a friend went into the store and said that’s what we need and we have it. I still have it today.”

But it has been added dramatically, with almost every inch of his body containing a tattoo. “I see it as a piece,” said Agger, a qualified tattooist. “When I talk to people, I talk about my tattoo as a piece, but of course, every tattoo has a story, some better than others.”