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Daniel Agger, Expresses His Nostalgia For Anfield

Daniel Agger, the former center-back at Liverpool, has expressed his Nostalgia for Anfield. Retiring at a very young age has indeed left him with a great sense of loss. He misses the playground at Anfield, his team-mates for the ultimate match against the German giants, Bayern Munich. Now, that he is retired and resides in Spain, confesses in liverpoolfc.com that the hardest part of his ‘now’ is to reproducing football elsewhere.

All he can do is watch the guys play, who, he used to play with once. He hasn’t touched football in a while since the trip to Sydney that he had made the last year. Daniel Agger also added that it is more of the atmosphere and the environment and he wants to just be in the game and get the feeling that he is playing for some motive.

He expresses how exhilarating it feels to touch the ball after such a long time but that is again harder than it used to be. He feels that the show was any way the most important and the cause, helping the foundation. Regarding the turnout of close to 54,000, he says that it may or may not be possible in any place of the world but at Liverpool, it is something that is regular.

Daniel Agger is surely a legend in the game of football and ever since his retirement, he has been involved actively in the community of football trying to grow the sport in different parts of the world. The deep love he has with Liverpool and Anfield is something that has got him to the hall of fame boards of the board and the stadium and it is likely, that he will always be remembered by both as a great player.