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Jamie Carragher Talks About Shaqiri’s Potential

Jamie Carragher, whose full name is James Lee Duncan Carragher, born about 1978, might have retired from the football fields, but he continues to be an authority figure in the same field and gives professional insights and views of the players and how teams should be formed in order to impact games and wins.

The recent sign up of Xherdan Shaqiri by Liverpool who paid £12m for the player is being seen as a good bargain deal. As per Jamie, Xherdan has stood out as per the performances that he gave in the last two games. These games that he played for Liverpool showcase that the team was right about picking him up. He does have to work harder, however, to convince Jurgen Klopp who is the manager of the team.

Being a Switzerland international player, the free kick that he gave last Saturday against the goal of Mo Salah did crash down. Klopp wanted Shaqiri replaced during halftime and was stern with him after the 2-1 defeat that the team had in the EFL cup.

Jamie is, however convinced about the abilities of Shaqiri and as per his observations, having been a defender himself in Liverpool during his playing days, he feels that Shaqiri has left foot abilities and the free kick was an opportunity suited for him. However, the player does have to pick up on his pace. However, the price that Liverpool paid to Stoke City to get the player over to their side is surely a bargain. The relegation occurred in the month of May. Shaqiri has also been with Inter Milan and Bayern Munich for which his experience and class is considerable. Hence, as per Jamie, Liverpool has been able to harness the talents and skills of this twenty-six year old for a great bargain price.