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Daniel Agger Happy To Retire Early

Many footballers decide to retire early and one such instance is Daniel Agger.

He has decided to retire at the age of 31, having played last as defender of the Liverpool team. He made his announcement of the childhood club that he was part of in Copenhagen. Though many fans might be surprised by the decision, he has stated that it is the right decision that he has taken. The last contract that he was on was with Brondby. The contract expired this season and he has decided not to renew the same with this club or any other football, thus ending an international playing career.

If you follow his football playing career, he has had 232 appearances for the Liverpool club. The total number of goals that he has scored is about 14. He signed up for Brondby from the month of January in 2006. With his retirement announcement, there have been several souvenirs and shirts of his association launched whose publicity has been made through the social media channels, keeping his fans informed about the launch and how to get their hands on the same. He had received offers from different European and Premier League teams.

However, he has turned down these offers as he feels that the effects are physically grueling for him. He also revealed that he felt that the manager at Liverpool did not appreciate his contributions as much. It might have been a trigger that made him think about continuing his playing career. It is also true that international games are demanding on players and those who have reached their thirties start to feel the pressure, especially when they have spent nearly two decades on the field. Fans hope that Agger will still continue to contribute to European football and provide inspiration to others.