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Brendan Rodgers on Joe Allen and Daniel Agger

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  1. @MrYaseenK99 Cool bro I subbed yu anyways…

  2. Ok, guys. Liverpool were terrible last season due to a number of things.
    Low morale, players played out of position (spearing at CDM and henderson
    at RM), suarez doing ALL the work up front, no lucas, very little gerrard,
    an unfit carroll. Yet we got to the FA cup final, and recorded wins over
    united, arsenal, we did the double over chelsea! So now all that is sorted,
    imagine what we can do now, with BR’s style of play we can do well.

  3. Good title

  4. I think that the biggest problem Liverpool had last season was finishing, I
    don’t think many would question that. The system BR uses is based on
    keeping possession and moving the ball until a chance is created rather
    than forcing chances through. This means that the quality of the chance is
    better, and thus we are more likely to score. However, Suarez missed 2
    clear headers on match day. Is this BR’s fault? Personally, I would be more
    inclined to blame Suarez.

  5. Torres is still class. The average chances made for him at Chelsea is 1 per
    game. Van Persie gets an average 7 per game. At this years Euros, an
    average of 4 chances were made for Torres every game and he ended up with
    golden boot

  6. @MrYaseenK99 him’

  7. @MrYaseenK99 Thats my opinion every ones free to one…I wont consider gest
    no more did yu see him miss from two yards out last season hey…

  8. You have obviously just started watching football last season. Yes, Torres
    is clearly one of the best strikers in the world, he had a bad season last
    season but at Liverpool he was clearly the best player in the league apart
    from Ronaldo, and he was good at the end of last season. Go and watch some
    football matches before commenting on youtube

  9. liverpool are utter shite

  10. great vids what do you think about fernando torres lately?

  11. That can be a big problem, and it happened in the game. When we lost agger
    it meant we couldn’t play from defense, leading to more hopeful long
    balls… If we put andy carroll on for half an hour rather than the last 10
    minutes that could have actually worked, but ah well.

  12. Its true he had a bad season last season but with Liverpool he was amazing
    and he got the golden boot at euro 2012 when he was a substitute

  13. Yea but a thing I found last season with him down at the swans is that he
    didnt have a plan b and that is where I think the experienced players like
    gerrard need to come in

  14. @byDrizzeh Haahhahaha…

  15. Torres has been poor for 2 and a half years now

  16. Very true, things are settled for Liverpool a lot better this season.

  17. What the hell are you talking about, he is one of the best strikers in the

  18. Yes Torres got golden boot but you’ve got to remember he had David Silva,
    Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi Alonso and Fabregas in behind him and I’m not being
    funny but only scoring 3 goals with playmakers like them in the side is
    embarrassing. I could have scored more

  19. Yes, but regarding he only played about 90 minutes over 6 games at Euro’12
    due to spain playing a ghost striker most of the tournament and using
    Torres sparingly – Winning the Golden boot was a great achievement for him.
    It’s obvious he’s back in form for the first time since leaving Liverpool.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he stuck 20+ in this season with Drogba gone.
    Coming from a Liverpool fan. YNWA

  20. Also Torres got the golden boot at the Euros when he was a sub.

  21. I can imagine that he fails and loses 3-0 to WBA

  22. Yea not going to lie but I don’t not like liverpool just hate brenden
    rodgers why he is just making swansea in liverpool just pisses me off

  23. thanks bro

  24. Torres is still very good, he just needs a Gerrard behind him to make the
    most of his abilities

  25. Fair play 😀


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