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Tired Daniel Agger: Not quite good enough 02/06/12

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  1. Final part: “we are very tired, and you could see that sometimes. But we
    have been working very hard these last two weeks, and we have to tone it
    down, so we are ready for saturday. The journalist asks what he is looking
    forward to to which he answers “That’s a big question… Everything”

  2. What’s he sayin’?

  3. Second part: “they run us over the end sometimes, they come with many from
    the second rank, too. Not just the strikers, but the midfielders are fast
    too. So that didn’t really work for us”The journalist asks if it’s a
    communication problem. he says “No, i don’t know.You have to give them
    credit, they come fast and many, and that wasn’t very well on our part. but
    it’s hard to assess what happened. The journalist asks what they are going
    to work on. Agger: “Now we are going to relax a bit”

  4. Love his little smile at Kewell at 0:25

  5. Thank you so much for translation 😀 I will put it in the video description
    now 🙂

  6. He is asked how he feels about the result and says: “Well it was okay, you
    know we went out to have a good hold of the ball. Many of us were tired, we
    have been training hard, but yeah… 2-0 against Australia is accepted.”
    The journalist asks what Agger thinks worked and didn’t work in the match
    and he says “yeah, well, I think we control the game and achieve some
    chances, but we have to admit that they get some chances as well.”


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