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Agger Gets Listed among Finest Danish Players


Denmark’s football team has the names of some amazing players who have refined and polished their game skills to face the top-flight teams of England over the past some years. Before the much-awaited Premier League finally returns next month, here are the perfect five players from Denmark whose names will always be there when building up a fantasy team. This is not about picking the best players of the Premier League that a nation has given birth to, but the top five players who would change the game plan.

The Danish team of five-a-side from the era of Premier League is as follows.

  • Peter Schmeichel, Goalkeeper

Peter Schmeichel is perhaps the greatest and best ever goalkeeper for stepping into a Premier League match pitch. His unbeatable area was his outstanding ability to stop shots, one of his prized possessions. With deadly accuracy, the former Man United goalkeeper was known for a lethal weapon, his one-armed football throw.

  • Daniel Agger, Cornerback

Daniel Agger had a long and successful career as a footballer, though he faced many injuries during his time at Liverpool FC. He has won the League Cup and he was also named the Footballer of the Year of Denmark two times. Daniel was also able to score great when he played for the Red Devils. One of his memorable shots that his fans will always remember is the sweeping shot in the year 2017 against Chelsea, helping them to win the final match of Champions League.

  • Christian Eriksen, Center Midfielder

Christian Eriksen was considered one of the classy operators of the EPL era. He had the ability to provide guile, skills, and playmaking capability. The ex-midfielder from Tottenham Hotspur contributed to a total of 51 goals and assisted in 62 in EPL.

  • Thomas Gravesen, Center Midfielder

Thomas Gravesen was considered the destroyer of Denmark. With his fierce look and stout appearance, he proved to be a piece of steel. The midfielder from Real Madrid and Everton were famous for his tough tackles and retaliating ability.

  • Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner will definitely get a place in the top five players from Denmark featuring in the Premier League. He will always be remembered for his passes and scoring heads.