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Lazio is seeking Brøndby IF’s Daniel Agger

It’s been over a year since Daniel Agger made his return to the Danish club Brøndby IF, this is the same club where he performed during his youth and after he made his way out of Liverpool, Agger decided to head back to Brøndby IF. Even though the Danish defender had to take a significant pay cut, Agger was willing to do it as he just wanted to make a return to the club that helped him out during the earlier stages of his career.

Daniel Agger is a consister starter for Brøndby IF and it seems like his performances have attracted the interest of Italy’s Lazio as the Serie A team is rumored to be interested in signing Agger in the winter transfer window.

According to rumors, Lazio have already attempted to make an approach and launch an offer for Daniel Agger but it seems hard to believe that the Danish player is even interested in making a move away from Brøndby IF which he has established a very good relationship with and he has stated on numerous occasions his desire to retire and help them out in their competitions.

Lazio is also interested in signing Douglas from Dnipro but Daniel Agger is a cheaper option and a player who is very experienced which can help out the Italian club in their quest of sealing a top spot in the Serie A.

Douglas has a contract with Dnipro which expires in 2017 and he has a price tag of around €5.5m but if Daniel Agger does decide to make a switch, the Danish player is a more attractive target in terms of not having to splash out so much cash for a defensive reinforcement.

Even if Lazio does launch a good offer for Daniel Agger, a successful transfer will ultimately depend on the player’s choice if he wants to leave Brøndby IF’s and if the Danish side is even interested in offloading one of their regular starters.