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Daniel Agger Tries His Hand as Manager of Danish Club HB Koge


Even though Daniel Agger has been away from active games since 2016, recently he got back, this time in a managerial position for HB Koge. It is a recent development, though, for several years after retirement, he has been busy running several entrepreneurial ventures. The club that he has joined is seventh in the second tier of the national football scene in Denmark. The club has picked up a total of 20 points after opening about 18 games. Though Agger has registered himself as a player as well, mainly due to injury crises that the club is facing, he has made it clear that he will play only if it becomes necessary. 


This short but successful playing career saw him as a defender for Liverpool as well. Till now he has excelled in all roles that he has taken up. It now remains to be seen whether he excels in the managerial position. 

There has been news of him being a successful artist in tattoo making since his retirement in 2016. He is also invested in a sewage management company with his younger brother since 2013, a venture that has been giving good profits. Though he hung up his playing boots a bit too early in his career, he has trained and is part of a global chain of the tattoo-making company, the Tattoodo. However, he has put more money into the sewage management company 2013, a company that manages sewer networks across Denmark. He is involved in the company affairs though his brother handles day to day operations of the company. As for the tattoos that he loves and is covered in, he states that the first tattoo on his body he got done when he was only 15 years old.

Now 38 years of age, Agger also owns two bars in Copenhagen, Rottehullet ad Center Pubben as well as has stakes in an investment venture.