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Daniel Agger returns to Danish Club after 7 years

Daniel Agger spent over 7 seasons as a player of Liverpool before he decided to make a return to the Danish club Brondby which is where he spent the first few years of his career.

The Danish defender stated that he main reason on why decided to leave Liverpool was because he felt underappreciated under the tutelage of Brendan Rodgers.

“There was much distance between us, and for me it was just enough. I felt that he didn’t appreciate the things I could and contributed. When I feel that, then it’s time to move on.When you are a part of the starting eleven for several games in a row and the team have performed well, and you feel that you have played well, then you are left out of the team and don’t feel appreciated, it starts to get pray on your mind and you wonder’’ Former Liverpool player Daniel Agger said.

When Agger left Liverpool some time ago, it was believed that he decided to leave the Premier League club due to him not being physically able to compete at the same level as his opponents in the top tier English League and because of this was why the Danish defender opted to make a return to his former club Brondby but Agger revealed that his relationship with Rodgers was deteriorating and he could not take it any longer as he chose to leave.

During his time performing in Anfield, Agger became an icon for Liverpool fans and he even turned into the vice-captain of the team as he replaced Jamie Carragher who had retired some time ago. Liverpool is currently not going through the best of times as the club is far away from even securing a Europa League spot as they have failed to find true replacements for some of their important players which they lost in the previous editions of the transfer window which is the case of Luis Suarez and Daniel Agger.