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Agger Writes Goodbye Letter

A few days ago Daniel Agger made his way out of Liverpool and joined his childhood club Brondby on a 2 year contract but after having spent 9 season performing with the Premier League club; it wasn’t an easy exit for Agger as he wrote a goodbye letter which explained just how much of an impact Liverpool has made in his life not only inside the pitch but outside of it as well.

“Liverpool has been such a big part of my life and my family’s lives for so long that leaving is extremely difficult. I’ll start by saying that Liverpool fans constantly keep surprising me. Since the news broke about the transfer, I have received so many positive messages and well-wishing for the future and not just from supporters in Liverpool but across the world. “My family and I have always felt your backing; it is something unique to this football club, this city and our supporters. It’s been a privilege to have represented this club and I’m forever thankful for everything I have learnt during my time here.

The open letter says: “When I joined this great club, I came here as a 21 year old boy with a lot to learn. Liverpool has helped me grow up and shape me into the man I am today’’

Along with Steven Gerrard, Daniel Agger is another player of Liverpool that throughout the years has received praise and applause from supporters of the English club and fans have displayed their emotions through social media saying messages like: ‘’You will be missed’’ and things of that nature.

Daniel Agger is a qualified tattoo artist and a few years ago he combined the passion of playing football with tattoo and the Danish player wrote on the knuckles in his hand, the letters: ‘’YNWA’’ which is the name of Liverpool’s hugely popular anthem ‘’You’ll Never Walk Alone’’.