Daniel Agger

I Love Daniel Agger


The manager of Liverpool, Brendon Rodgers, has said that Daniel Agger is not going to leave the club in the upcoming season. By saying that, Rodgers has ended all the speculations about Agger’s transfer. There have been rumours that the champion of the Braclays Premier League, Manchester City, is interested in Agger and the Danish defender might sign for city. Rodgers said that Agger’s contract would get finished after two years and he is not looking to leave the club before the completion of his contract.

Agger has been playing for Liverpool since the last 6 years. He had joined Liverpool in January 2006. He had joined the club on a contract of four years. His first goal for Liverpool was against West Ham United in August 2006.  That was an amazing goal. Agger scored that goal from a distance of 32 metres. After that match, Rafael Benitez, who was the manager of Liverpool at that time, praised Agger and said that Agger is a massively talented centre-back. Agger performed pretty well in his very first season for Liverpool. He made a very good start to the next season as well. But, unfortunately, he injured his foot.  Due to that injury, he wasn’t able to play in the remaining matches of the season. In the last season, Agger was one of the few Liverpool players who played according to their potential. He scored some vital goals for the team in the last season.

Rodgers said that the club doesn’t want to release Agger at the moment and neither does the defender want to leave the club. So, there is no possibility of Agger’s transfer this summer. As per Rodgers, the Danish defender is going to be the trump card for Liverpool in the upcoming season.