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Denmark defender Daniel Agger has said that he has already spotted the weakness of Dutch striker Robin van Persie. The Liverpool defender has said that the Arsenal striker is not the quickest, which could work in the favour of the Danes in the group games.

The Euro 2012 will be beginning this week and Netherlands will be starting their Euro 2012 campaign by facing Denmark. The much talked about ‘group of death’ is certainly expected to knock on favourite team out of the competition. Denmark have not been spoken as a competitor for the quarter-final spot due to the competition within this group.

However, Liverpool defender Daniel Agger has said that Denmark can defy the expectations by doing well in the first group game against Netherlands. If they make a good start to the competition, then they can realistically think about qualifying for the quarter-finals according to Agger.

He has made his first progress in helping Denmark do so by analysing the game of star striker Robin van Persie. The Arsenal striker comes on the back of a rich vein of form that has seen him hit 40 goals for both club and country this season. However, Agger has said that van Persie has a weakness in that he is not very quick.

“His speed? Well, he is not the quickest. Luis Suarez is quicker. He is not the slowest either. I don’t know if I’d be able to beat him over 100 metres. We haven’t tried that one yet. He is always at the right place and his runs are very good. And you have to give him that he has a good shot, a really good left foot. His heading isn’t his strong point. Of course, he is an all-round player so he can do most things, including heading. But some things, as it is for every player, are better than others,” Agger told Liverpool news.