Daniel Agger

I Love Daniel Agger


The captain of Denmark’s national team Daniel Agger might be playing his last season his Liverpool if things don’t change. He only played in 2 matches out of Liverpool’s 7 latest Premier League encounters.

Kolo Toure, Mamadou Sakho and Martin Skrtel seem to be chosen ahead of the 28 years old vice-captain of Liverpool Daniel Agger.

When asked what it would take for him to leave Liverpool, Agger said: “If I don’t play. If the manager doesn’t think I’m good enough that could make me leave Liverpool.

“I’m here to play football, nothing else. So if I don’t play football, then I don’t want to be here.”

Barcelona has targeted Daniel Agger in the past but been denied by the player but his future with the Spanish club is a possibility.

He had to settle for a place in the sidelines ever since making a return from the rib injury he sustained some months ago and completed a full recovery in September. Barcelona’s bid of £15 million was rejected by Liverpool back in August but if he player continues being in the sidelines, it might just be a matter of time until he exits the English club.

“In January I’ll have been at Liverpool for eight years,” added Agger.

“If you count how many central defenders have gone through the system during that period you’ll need to use more than one hand. I’m standing there still’’.

The Spanish giants Barcelona’s top target has been Thiago Silva for some time now but after not being able to sign the Brazilian PSG player, Daniel Agger is becoming more and more as a likely player for the table toppers of La Liga.