Daniel Agger

I Love Daniel Agger


Danish defender Daniel Agger has been consistently linked with a move to Barcelona in the last few months. The Liverpool academy chief has fuelled this speculation even more after saying that he believes Agger will be a perfect fit for the Spanish club. Barcelona are the kind of club that depend a lot on their central defenders in order to start the attacks. They play a possession style of football, which puts a lot of pressure on the defenders to have ball playing abilities. Agger is one of the best-known centre backs with the ability to bring the ball out of play.

Barcelona have been linked with defenders like Thomas Vermaelen and Daniel Agger in order to replace the ageing Carlos Puyol. The 34-year-old Barcelona captain is not expected to continue for long due to a succession of knee and ligament injuries. According to Rodolfo Borrell, Agger will comfortably fit into the Barcelona team because he knows the style of play of the Catalans extremely well. Rodolfo Borrell spent his early years as a youth team coach at Barcelona before moving to Liverpool.

The 28-year-old is expected to cost in the region of £ 20 million. Barcelona only recently spent close to £ 50 million on striker Neymar.

“Agger has the right characteristics to adapt to Barca’s play. He is a very trustworthy centrehalf, above all on the ball, because he comes out very well with it. In a style like Barca’s where he start to build moves from the keeper, a defender must have a good pass, must make the right decisions, and be quick when you lose the ball and good in the air at set-pieces both in defence and attack,” said Borrell.

Agger is regarded as one of the best defenders in the Premier league and Liverpool are unlikely to lose him on the cheap.